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L.A. County’s COVID-Battered Businesses

From Dodger Dogs to tires: A list of sellers, manufacturers and offices hardest hit by the coronavirus.




Here, listed by category, are Los Angeles County’s worst-hit businesses and offices, according to the latest COVID-19 data collected by the L.A. County Department of Public Health. The number of infections refers to confirmed cases of employee infections, although, as indicated, LAC DPH occasionally adds “nonconfirmed symptomatic” cases. In its inventory of 105 establishments, the health department notes, “Inclusion on this list does not suggest neglect or wrongdoing on the part of the facility.”

Food/Food Processing

Smithfield, 3049 E. Vernon Ave., Vernon. Business: Meat processing plant, maker of Farmer John’s Dodger Dogs. Infections: 205 + 3 nonconfirmed symptomatics.

Ralphs Ice Plant and Warehouse, 2201 S Wilmington Ave., Compton. Business: Food processing facility. Infections: 105 + 5 nonconfirmed symptomatics.

Saputo Cheese USA, Inc., 5611 Imperial Hwy., South Gate. Business: Dairy product manufacturer. Infections: 97.

Jobbers Meat Packing Co., 3336 Fruitland Ave., Vernon. Business: Meat packing. Infections: 65.

The Lamb Company, 19840 S. Rancho Way, Compton. Business: Lamb meat processor. Infections: 39.

Food 4 Less, 1700 W. Sixth St., Los Angeles. Business: Supermarket. Infections: 21.

Apparel Manufacturing

LA Apparel, 1020 E. 59th St., Los Angeles. Business: Garment-making. Infections: 67.

LA Apparel, 911 E. 59th St., Los Angeles. Business: Garment-making. Infections: 61.

LA Apparel, 812 E. 59th St., Los Angeles. Business: Garment-making. Infections: 23.

Keep It Here LLC Apparel Manufacturing, 2850 Tanager Ave. Business: Garment-making. Infections: 19 confirmed + 3 nonconfirmed symptomatics.


Lakin Tire West, Inc., 15305 Spring Ave., Santa Fe Springs. Business: Tire recycling. Infections: 87.

Turbo Wholesale Tires, 5793 Martin Rd., Irwindale. Business: Tire wholesaler. Infections: 42 + 6 nonconfirmed symptomatics.

Law Enforcement

STARS Center, 11515 Colima Rd., Whittier. Business: L.A. County Sheriff’s Department training academy. Infections: 63 + 9 nonconfirmed symptomatics.

East Los Angeles Sheriff’s Station, 5019 E. Third St., Los Angeles. Business: Law enforcement. Infections: 25.

Ahmanson Recruit Training Center, 5651 W. Manchester Ave., Los Angeles. Business: Los Angeles Police Department training facility. Infections: 20.


Cal-Western Manufacturers, 16539 S. Main St., Gardena. Business: Packing and crating services. Infections: 39.

Novipax, 1941 N. White Ave., La Verne. Business: Absorbent pad manufacturer. Infections: 24.


SoFi Stadium, 1000 S. Prairie Ave., Inglewood. Business: Home of the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers football teams (under construction). Infections: 41.

Photos: Dodger Dog by Farmer John; meat by Michael C. Berch; tires by Stephen Flanders; Novipax building by Google Maps.

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