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Headlines We’d Like to See in 2012





Photo: NYT

This 2012 newspaper headline wishlist first appeared on the Labor Lou blog.

1) Gingrich Sews Up Nomination
            Former House speaker clears the field as Romney pulls out

2) Scott Walker Recalled
           Wisconsin voters remove unpopular Republican governor

3) Clinton, Biden Swap Jobs
            Convention taps Hillary for VP; Biden will head State Department

4) OWS Veterans Get Political            
            Wall Street protesters energize Obama campaign

5) Clarence Thomas Resigns
            Conflict of interest sinks Supreme Court justice

6) Unemployment Down, Consumer Confidence Up
            Optimism rising as election nears

7) Democrats Take Back House
            Pelosi promises progressive agenda

8) Demands Grow to Curtail Filibuster
            Senate Republicans might lose their best weapon

9) Obama Makes Labor Reform “Top Priority”
            Declares unions “Key to economic justice

10) Court’s Conservative Majority Jeopardized by President’s Pick
            Justices could revisit “Citizens United”

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