Five Sad, Laughable Rumors from 2011 |
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Five Sad, Laughable Rumors from 2011





Should we chuckle or cry whenever the American conversation slides back into rumor and paranoid nightmare? Below are five of this year’s more unforgettable fantasies, debunked by America’s leading myth-busters,

1. Michelle Obama is pregnant — and White House spokesman Robert Gibbs was fired for discussing this!

2. Liberal billionaire George Soros is buying up U.S. gun makers – in order to shut them down.

3. Department of Energy $737 million loan to a solar-energy project will only create 45 jobs – and the company’s run by a Pelosi!

4. Barack Obama uses a Social Security number belonging to a deceased Hawaiian born in 1890.

5. NBC edited out a reference to Christ in an interview with family members of deceased Navy SEAL.

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