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Celebrating Biden’s Election in L.A.

November 8, 2020

Ted Soqui

Ted Soqui

Ted Soqui is a Los Angeles-based photographer.

Los Angeles celebrated the Biden/Harris victory with the world on Saturday. 

Most news media called the Biden/Harris victory just as several planned citywide marches were set to take place. 

Angelenos brought handmade signs to the marches and dancing broke out in the streets. 


A Trump train of vehicles made its way up from Orange County and was supposed to block traffic on the Westside of L.A.

However, a Biden/Harris train of cars dwarfed the Trump train, its revelers lined up from Doheny Drive all the way to Highland Avenue via Santa Monica Boulevard, gleefully honking.


A large celebration march downtown ended at L.A. City Hall. 

Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood was shut down as people took to the streets in celebration. I saw a mother, whose eyes were full of happy tears, hug her daughter tightly with joy. 

The U.S. flag was also reclaimed by many Biden supporters; I saw lots of them waving in celebration on this day of relief.


Unhappy Trumpers took over Beverly Gardens Park in Beverly Hills, waving Trump flags and vowing to claim victory in court.


A brief rainbow appeared above the city, though it was too faint to photograph.

Los Angeles residents with blue wigs celebrate the Biden/Harris election win at Pershing Square in downtown L.A.

Local union members march and celebrate the Biden/Harris election win, and many others showed their support for the ticket.

For some Biden/Harris supporters, it took a bit longer for victory to set in. It was an intense day for many.

A UTLA teacher watching the march at Pershing Square.

Marchers taking selfies and photos of the large victory parade.

The victory march ended at L.A. City Hall. Photographed with a drone above Grand Park.

A marcher took a moment to admire his U.S. flag as he stood on the steps of City Hall. LAPD officers, armed with nonlethal weapons, lined up on top of the steps.

Mauili B. sits on the steps of City Hall listening to music on his headphones and celebrating the Biden/Harris election win.

Marchers redesigned Trump/Pence signs in downtown Los Angeles.

In Beverly Park, a Trump supporter asked me to photograph her doing an interpretive dance, though I wasn’t sure what she was interpreting. About 300 Trump supporters took the park over to show support for their candidate.

Two Vietnamese women held Trump flags and claimed their support for Trump in Beverly Gardens Park.

An impromptu celebration broke out on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. Revelers drank and danced in the middle of the street.

On Santa Monica Boulevard, a mother and daughter hold each other and joyfully watch the celebrations.

Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood was taken over with street celebrations. People honk car horns, dance in their cars and in the streets.

The Trump train in Beverly Hills was no match for the Biden train of cars that stretched from Highland Avenue on Santa Monica Boulevard, all the way to Doheny Drive.

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