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Brother, Can You Spare a Lime? (Union Mojitos!)





You don’t have to go to Havana to enjoy a good mojito (although such a visit would give you the chance to savor the old Bacardi headquarters, a jaw-dropping example of tropical art deco). Here’s a recipe from our friends at LA Labor 411, who keep you up to date on what goods and services bear the union label.

Looking to sip into something a little more comfortable? Why not try a union-made mojito. Here’s how to build the ideal cool cocktail for those hot August nights that are right around the corner. Make one for yourself and then raise a glass to all the union workers who did such an amazing job repairing the 405 Freeway.


1.5 oz. of Bacardi Superior Rum
half cup club soda
12 mint leaves
half a lime
1 tbsp. of white sugar


Muddle mint leaves and lime. Cover with sugar and top with ice. Add Bacardi Superior Rum and then top off with club soda. Stir well, garnish with a lime wedge and a sprig of mint. Savor and enjoy.

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