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Epicenters of Refuge

A Border in Turmoil: The Migrant Caravan Crisis

In a three-part series this week, Capital & Main speaks to hopeful asylum seekers who were part of the Central American migrant caravan.




Photo by Arturo Talavera

No recent event better epitomizes the traumatic challenges and enduring resilience of immigrants who seek better lives in the United States than the Central American migrant caravan that left Honduras in October and arrived in Tijuana, Mexico, a month later. In a three-part series this week, Capital & Main speaks to the hopeful asylum seekers about their dreams and realities, and presents poignant images from their current, uncertain presence in Mexico.

Today: A Tale of Two Cities. Veteran photographer Arturo Talavera captures images from refugee camps in Mexico City and Tijuana, and the desperate lines of asylum seekers arrayed along the U.S./Mexico border. Co-published by the American Prospect.

Wednesday: Journalist Nidia Bautista speaks to the exhausted and worried asylum seekers who have trekked from Honduras and El Salvador for a chance to become Americans — only to find the border door closed to them.

Thursday: Against the backdrop of civil disobedience organized by interfaith leaders on the American side of the frontier, filmmaker Marco Amador looks at the militarization of the U.S. border. Footage includes the up-close action from recent protests.

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