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CA Billionaire to Set Green Agenda

California billionaire Tom Steyer turned heads in Washington with the news that he plans to spend $100 million to help make climate change a defining issue in this year’s elections. ...

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Mad Weather, Insane Policies

Despite the conventional wisdom that Southern California only has one season, some wag suggested it does indeed have four: Fires, floods, earthquakes and riots. So far this year we’ve had ...

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Climate Change Goes Local

After a presentation by Climate Resolve on the local impacts of climate change last month, our host, Jonathan Parfrey, jokingly told us that anti-depressants would be passed out at the ...

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Mark A. Wilson/Wikimedia

Global Warming: A Climate of Denial

My wife Susan and I took a short camping trip to the White Mountains. No, not the ones in New Hampshire, but the ones in California, across the Owens Valley ...

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