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Oil and Gas Operator Pays Millions for Clean Air Act Violations   

The SlickNovember 30, 2022By Jerry Redfern

Public prosecution ‘a great model’ for future suits against polluters.

Climate Change is Driving Up Food Prices

Steal This (Climate) StoryNovember 29, 2022By Mark Schapiro

Tip to journalists: COP27 and food price inflation are part of the same story.

Are Police Helicopters Worth the Cost?

Politics & GovernmentNovember 29, 2022By Angelika Albaladejo

As advocates and academics question the impact of flights over neighborhoods, police departments lack persuasive evidence of crime-fighting effectiveness.

A New Union Rises in the South

Labor & EconomyNovember 28, 2022By Kelly Candaele

The Union of Southern Service Workers is organizing food service, retail and health care workers through direct action against low wages and historical racism.


Exposing the Financial Costs of Climate Change – and Denial of the Climate Crisis

As a warming planet brings economic tensions to a boil, following the money can reveal some critical stories.

by Mark Schapiro

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