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Visual Black Justice Calls Out Racism During Derek Chauvin Trial

America on Trial

Echo Park Lake Homeless Encampment Faces Eviction

Amazon Union Campaigners Dig In: ‘I’m Gonna Stay Here and Fight’

“Jeff Bezos Is Afraid,” Say Amazon Union Organizers

Los Angeles Rally Targets Hate Crimes

Time’s Up!

Black Votes Matter

Eviction Tsunami Averted for Now

The White Supremacist House: Extremism in the Trump Administration

Statewide Protests Target California’s Immigrant Detention Centers

Strange Fruit In California?

The Kids Are Alright: Youth Organizations Come Together to Demand Justice

Hitting L.A.’s Streets With Black Lives Matter

El Sereno for Black Lives

Not So L.A. Land: Police Violence Protests Rock the City of Angels

L.A. Rally’s Message: “Defund the Police!”

May Day Rent Strikers Meet Reopen California Protesters

Community Fights Echo Park Homeless Sweeps

Affordable Housing Tenants Protest Rent Increases

A Reprieve for Affordable Housing in Los Angeles’ Chinatown

Behind the Lead Alarm That Closed a Kids’ Gym

What Uber and Lyft Drivers Want

Who Patrols the Border Patrol?

Rising Rents Force a Choice Between Eating or Shelter

A Law Ending Cash Bail Gives Judges Enormous Power Over Defendants

Los Angeles Rejects Spy Program

Questions Surround Slow Exide Lead Clean-up

Supreme Court Enforces Muslim Ban

This Is What ‘Zero Tolerance’ Looks Like

Self-Portrait of a Tragedy

Promise Breakers: Scenes From a Regulatory Failure

Jaime’s Story: Left Behind by the American Health Care Act

Fire and ICE Video: Whitehouse Supremacy

Fire and ICE Video: Adelanto — Rendered Invisible

California Dreaming

The Golden State of Hate: Balmeet Singh Interview

“No Ban! No Wall!” Scenes from the LAX Protests

L.A. Supervisors’ Immigration Hearing Erupts in Shouting Matches

Safe Parking for Santa Barbara’s Homeless


For Peter Sidhu, every day is hand-to-hand combat with a virus that sickens more Californians daily, and that takes a heavy physical and emotional toll on Sidhu and his fellow medical professionals. 

Nurse’s Diary Launches New Video Journal

Nurse’s Diary: The Pandemic’s Silver Linings

Keeping Safe and Sane in a COVID-19 ICU

Nurses Begin Using Recycled Masks

Why “Reopen California” Rallies Anger Frontline Nurses

Laura Palacios is a Los Angeles public school teacher married to another teacher. The mother of two joined 33,000 other union members in the first L.A. teachers walkout since 1989. Capital & Main followed Palacios during the historic strike.

L.A. Teachers Strike Diary: Day One

L.A. Teachers Strike Diary: Day Two

L.A. Teachers Strike Diary: Day Three

L.A. Teachers Strike Diary: Day Four

L.A. Teachers Strike Diary: Day Five