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Black Friday Protests Push Back Against Walmart

Walmart won't pay its employees enough to afford Thanksgiving dinner, so they're holding food drives for their employees. Seriously. It's been reported that an Oklahoma City Walmart set up bins ...

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Walmart Strikers: ‘All Out on Black Friday!’

On November 13, Walmart associates in Los Angeles kicked off this year's Black Friday strikes by sitting down in the aisles of the Crenshaw Walmart store to protest Walmart's alleged intimidation. Later that ...

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Wages: How Low Can You Go?

Whenever the subject of raising hourly pay to a livable level comes up in Los Angeles, you can expect two stalwart foes: The Chamber of Commerce and the Central City ...

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Packaging Misery in Commerce

(Note: The following opinion piece was written by a single mother of two children who fears losing her job. For this reason her name has been withheld.) What does “Made ...

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