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Wages: How Low Can You Go?

Whenever the subject of raising hourly pay to a livable level comes up in Los Angeles, you can expect two stalwart foes: The Chamber of Commerce and the Central City ...

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Packaging Misery in Commerce

(Note: The following opinion piece was written by a single mother of two children who fears losing her job. For this reason her name has been withheld.) What does “Made ...

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The NAACP’s Sterling Gaffe

In an excruciating example of bad timing, the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP was scheduled to bestow its Lifetime Achievement Award to Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles ...

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Walmart Hurt By Food Stamp Cuts

Walmart may be regretting their non-committal position on food stamp cuts.  Now, after the mega-corporate store said it had no position on legislation that would cut billions to the Supplemental ...

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