John Medearis

John Medearis

John Medearis is an associate professor in the University of California, Riverside's Political Science Department. He is the author of Joseph Schumpeter's Two Theories of Democracy (Harvard, 2001) and Joseph A. Schumpeter (Continuum, 2009). His research has appeared in the American Journal of Political Science, the American Political Science Review, the British Journal of Political Science, and Polity.


Wealth and the Natural Distribution Myth

Common wisdom says that the subject of economic inequality, while temporarily in vogue, is still a rhetorical minefield. In the half-century since Lyndon Johnson announced the beginning of a war ...

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The Moderate Middle’s Dirty Little Secret

Former Obama official Cass Sunstein explains in a recent article what a “wing nut” is: anyone, right or left, with “a dogmatic commitment to an extreme political view” that is ...

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Freeway to Serfdom?

Progressive commenters reeling from the “right to work” defeat in Michigan have in turns unmasked and (grudgingly) admired proponents of the new law. The unmasking is fairly easy. Michigan governor ...

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Streetcars and Pocket Boroughs

This past year saw an election cycle in which democratic voting rights were in question to a very troubling extent, despite claims by proponents of voter ID laws and limitations ...

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Julia, Unbound

David Brooks, the usually buttoned-down columnist for the New York Times, succumbed recently to a peculiar eruption of Id.  Like many of his fellow conservatives, he’s in a snit about ...

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