Harold Meyerson, The Washington Post

Harold Meyerson

Harold Meyerson is the American Prospect's editor-at-large and a columnist for the Washington Post.

Obamacare Success Continues to Build

Despite the treasured right-wing talking points, it’s increasingly clear that Obamacare is a success. Moreover, in places where Obamacare is not succeeding, it’s also clear that the right wing is ...

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The GOP’s War Against Voters

Better bring some identification — and not just any identification, official though it may be — if you plan to vote in Republican-controlled states. However, if you contribute tens of ...

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Civil Rights = Economic Rights

Of all the commemorations of the March on Washington, the one that will best capture its spirit isn’t really a commemoration at all. Thursday, one day after the 50th anniversary ...

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Walmart and Friends: Winner Lose All

This Walmart low-prices, low-wages thing isn’t working out so well — even for Walmart. The company released its quarterly numbers last week, and they weren’t pretty. Same-store sales declined by ...

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