Cynthia Strathmann

Cynthia Strathmann

Cynthia Strathmann is a LAANE research/policy analyst with its RePower LA project. She holds a Ph.D. in anthropology from UCLA.


Labor Day News of the WEIRD

Why are so many Americans wary of labor unions? Unions are, after all, good for everyone who works for a living. In occupations with a high rate of unionization all ...

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The Magic City

We all learn many important lessons from our parents. One lesson that I learned from my father was this: If you cut through a pipeline that’s carrying raw sewage you ...

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Of Moms and Super Moms

I am just a girl who can’t say “no.” In my youth this was actually a fun quality, but now it means that I spend a lot of time manning ...

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George Garrigues/Wikimedia

DWP’s Power Struggle and the Future of LA

George Garrigues/Wikimedia The emergence of Los Angeles as one of the world’s great cities, despite its location in a resource-stressed desert basin, has always been the surprise outcome of an ...

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Game On: Leveling Pro Sports’ Playing Fields

Recently the Frying Pan ran an interview with DeMaurice Smith, the executive director of the NFL players’ association, in which he responded to people who thought the 2011 players dispute ...

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