Bobbi Murray

Bobbi Murray

Bobbi Murray has reported on politics, economics, police reform and health-care issues for Los Angeles magazine, L.A. Weekly and The Nation.

food policy

Food, Glorious (and Ethical) Food!

Thanksgiving is our national food-focused holiday--but Los Angeles has an all-year-round reputation for food obsessions: Paleo diets. Veganism. Juicing. Fasting. Fusion food trucks, kimchi pizza, chorizo-filled potstickers with duck sauce ...

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Tiesha Speights

Proposition 47: Winning One Door at a Time

“A lot of people want to make changes but they don’t know where to go,” said Tiesha Speights on the afternoon of Election Day. So Tiesha went to the people, ...

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L.A. to Weigh Citywide Wage Hike

The recent Los Angeles City Council vote to raise hourly pay for 10,000 hotel workers to $15.37 could be part of an historic groundswell to create a new minimum wage ...

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Historic Wage Vote Tomorrow

Thousands of low-wage workers in Los Angeles are poised to receive a substantial pay bump, depending on a critical City Council vote scheduled for Wednesday. On the table: a $15.37 ...

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